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A Few of Andy's Favourite Things!

1. Pigging out on souvlakis until I explode

2. Finding a funnel-web in the bed with me

3. Tripe

4. Scraping my fingernails down the blackboard

5. Pumping up the weasel until it goes pop

6. Cauliflower

7. Cod liver oil

8. Finding a toothbrush with black bristles in the gutter and taking it home

9. Cleaning my teeth with it

10. The sound of breaking glass

11. Traveling back in my mind to the complete and utter beginning of time

12. Olives and anchovies

13. The smell of newborn puppies

14. Sunrise

15. Playing ragtime blues on the piano without touching the black keys, the white keys, the pedals, the stool or the floor

16. Being smothered by a ton of feathers

17. Kidneys

18. Maggots

19. Rainbows

20. Running along deserted beaches with my eyes shut tight

21. Photographing all the different types of flush buttons on toilets

22. The taste of the gum on the back of stamps

23. Merry-go-rounds

24. Washing machines with glass portholes

25. Shedding a skin