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The Lunch Club: It Came from the Basement

The Lunch Club: It Came from the Basement

by Dom Pelletier

ISBN 9781443182713 Paperback
136 Pages | Ages 7 to 10
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Something strange is going on at school . . . Can the Lunch Club save the student body from supernatural forces?

It’s the first day at a new school for unicorn-loving, practical Tia. It’s hard to be the new kid. Lunching alone in an obscure club room, she finally finds an unlikely friend in Leo, who loves being funny and sometimes forgets to think before he jokes. Tia and Leo notice that the school janitor is acting weird. He’s been picking through the trash and hoarding banana peels in the creepy school basement. And he’s kind of acting like a zombie. Things go from weird to worse when the kids — with the help of the advisor to the school’s least popular club— discover what’s behind it: a huge mustachioed space monster who plans to take over the world!

Rights Sold

  • French (N. Amer) - Éditions Scholastic

Selling Points

  • Full-colour graphic illustrations.
  • Action packed and funny!
  • First of a five-book series.
  • Perfect for emerging, independent readers.
  • Zany cartoon illustrations and fast-paced, easy-to-read action make this a great introduction to the graphic novel format.


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