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Summer's End

Summer's End

by Joel A Sutherland

ISBN 9781443139311 Paperback
Pages | Ages 11 to 13
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It’s the summer before high school and Jacob and his friends want to make it a memorable one. This may be the last months they have together; once school starts, they’ll be going their separate ways. Ichiro’s family is moving to Japan. And while Jacob and the twins are staying behind in Valeton, they’ll be going to different high schools.

When the group discover an old abandoned home on a remote island of their community, things suddenly take an unexpected turn. The kids find themselves inexplicably drawn to the house that had once been a sanatorium for children with tuberculosis and learn that it has some haunting secrets to hide.


  • Short-listed, OLA Red Maple Award, Fiction, 2018
  • Short-listed, Snow Willow Award (Saskatchewan Young Readers' Choice), 2018
  • Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, 2017


Rights Sold

  • French (N. Amer.) - Éditions Scholastic
  • French World excl. N. Amer. - Actes Sud

Selling Points

  • Chilling content that is age-appropriate for young teens.
  • Promotable and award-winning horror author.


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