Scholastic Canada | Festival du Livre: Why Host a Festival du Livre?

Festival du Livre

Why Host a Festival du Livre? Host a literacy event to get kids excited about reading.

Involve the whole community

  • A Scholastic Festival du Livre is a literacy event for the whole community!
  • Your community can demonstrate its dedication to reading and literacy by participating in your school’s Festival du Livre. Invite local officials and dignitaries to share the importance of books with your students.
  • Scholastic Festival du Livre are excellent for communities without a local bookstore. Browse the best of children’s books right at your school.

Spark the love of reading

  • Giving children easy access to fun, engaging reading material is the best way to develop their love of reading.
  • Scholastic Festival du Livre is like a mini travelling bookstore: it brings the latest and greatest children's books right to your school!

Get support from your dedicated staff

  • Every book on your Scholastic Festival du Livre is specially chosen by our team of Product Managers
  • We provide all the tools you need to organize the hottest literacy event of the year
  • Our national team of Festival du Livre consultants is available to answer all your questions

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