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Build foundational literacy skills with innovative phonics resources and decodable series.
Product cover for Foundational Language Resources
Grades K-3
New systematic, explicit, and science-based foundational language resources.
Product cover for Magazines+
Grades K-12
Build knowledge and skills in any content area with 30+ magazine options.
Product cover for Digital Solutions
Grades K-12
Support classrooms and libraries with a suite of engaging, instructional, and supplemental digital resources.

Discover a wide range of literacy solutions

Find the resources you need to help students develop into successful readers and learners.
Product cover for Sound Rhymes
Grades K-2
Build foundational skills with simple, fast, and fun large-format instructional cards.
Product cover for Sound Hunts
Grades K-2
Develop vocabulary and phonemic skills with engaging, illustrated large cards.
Product cover for Scholastic Phonics School & Home Non-fiction
Grades K-2
A selection of inclusive non-fiction decodable books to engage early readers.
Product cover for Sort Out Your Syllables
Grades 4-8
A strategy-based resource for teaching decoding, pronouncing, and spelling multisyllabic words.
Product cover for Guided reading programs
Grades K-6
Integrate small-group instruction with guided reading programs.
Product cover for Les décodables de ScholasticLes décodables de Scholastic
Grades K-3
Systematic and engaging French decodable books for early readers!

Develop critical thinking skills in an ever-evolving world

Help students become engaged learners by discussing relevant and important social issues.
Product cover for Take Action
Grades 4-6
Explore local and global issues through real-world topics around social justice and more!
Product cover for Take Action for Reconciliation
Grades 3-8
Developed with an Indigenous Advisory Team, this resource dives deep into issues around reconciliation.
Product cover for Sharing the Message of Truth and Reconciliation
Grades 3-8
Resources that help teachers, parents, and students discuss reconciliation.

Teaching foundational Math & Science skills

Comprehensive classroom resources that focus on balanced instruction and meeting curriculum goals.
Product cover for Math Place
Grades 1-3
Three math strands tap into math strategies, hundreds of lessons, problem solving, and assessment.
Product cover for Science Flix
Grades 4-9
Transform the way students learn science with themed hands-on projects, videos, and activities online.
Product cover for Let us Do Science
Grades 1-3
Develop a deep understanding of science processes and design created for B.C. science curriculum.

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