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By Jennifer Donnelly   

Scholastic Inc. | ISBN 9781338268478 Paperback
368 Pages | Ages 12 to 18

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9781338268461 Hardcover
352 Pages | 5.79" x 8.53" | Ages 12 & Up

Scholastic Inc. | ISBN 9781338268485 Ebook
320 Pages | Ages 12 & Up

Isabelle should be blissfully happy — she's about to marry a prince.

Except that Isabelle isn't the girl who lost the slipper. And the glass shoe on her foot is filling with blood . . .

Isabelle isn't the beauty who captured the prince's heart. She's the ugly stepsister who cut off her toes to fool him. When the prince discovers Isabelle's deception, she's banished. It's no more than Isabelle deserves. She's a plain girl in a world that values beauty. A stubborn girl in a world that wants her to be pliant. Her destiny is a life of misery.

That's what Isabelle believes until she finds herself in the midst of a battle between Fate and Chance. Cruel Fate believes that an "ugly" girl with so much bitterness in her heart can never change her destiny. Roguish Chance believes otherwise. And so, Isabelle is given the opportunity to harness strength she never knew she possessed, and learns that while "pretty" is a noose around your neck, "ugly" is the sword that cuts you free.

Raves & reviews:

Praise for Stepsister:

* “Printz Honor winner Donnelly offers up a stunningly focused story that rips into the heart of familiar fairy tale.”– Booklist, starred review

"This is another needed voice exposing cultural myths that suffocate girls in the name of likability and pit them against one another in the name of beauty." -Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"Isabelle's emotional and triumphant journey of self-realization proves that beauty can be found in so much more than just a pretty face . . . A breathlessly exciting and utterly satisfying fairy tale." - Kirkus Reviews

"Focusing on beauty's many guises, what contributes to hatred and cruelty, and people's power to take charge of their destinies, the retold fairy tale advocates autonomy and empowerment."- Publishers Weekly