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How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?

Scholastic Inc. | ISBN 9780439241007 | Hardcover | Ages 2 & up

Can you imagine dragging a very stubborn styracosaurus into the doctor's office? Or saying "Open wide" to a very sharp-toothed carnotaurus? From enormous sneezes to gigantic wails, the outrageous antics of the mischievous young dinosaurs in this book are sure to bring lauger to anyone— large or small— who has ever said Atchoo!

What if a dinosaur catches the flu?
Does he whimper and whine in between each Atchoo?
What does a dinosaur do?

A New York Times Bestseller

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From How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? Text copyright © 2003 by Jane Yolen. Illustrations copyright © by 2003 Mark Teague. All rights reserved.