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Sleep Tight, Little Knight

Sleep Tight, Little Knight

by Gilles Tibo, illustrated by Geneviève Després

ISBN 9781443170185 Paperback
24 Pages | Ages 0 to 4
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Even a little knight needs a good night’s rest!

The little knight puts on his favourite pyjamas, brushes his teeth, and gets ready for bed. But just as he says goodnight to his cat, a star falls out of the sky and onto his bed. What to do with it?

He tucks the star under his pillow but the pointy ends prick him. So he tucks the star under his blankets. Ouch! The star still pricks him. The little knight goes to find a hammer and nail. Bang! Bang! Bang! He hangs the star above his head. Now can he get a good knight’s sleep? Only if that star stays put!

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Rights Sold

  • French (N. Amer) - Éditions Scholastic
  • Portuguese - Editorial Bizâncio

Selling Points

  • A recognizable, popular character is back!
  • Appealing format and exceptional art for the youngest of readers.
  • A dreamy bedtime story with a touch of magic.
  • Companion to the award-winning and internationally successful Little Knight books.


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