Gets An Earful -- A Game About Sounds

An animal’s habitat is its home. Animals look to their habitats to provide food, shelter, and protection from predators. When a habitat is changed or polluted, animals can’t find these things they need. Some animals have trouble adapting to the change and start to die off. A major habitat change can cause large groups of animal species to die out. These animals are in danger of extinction, and are known as endangered species. As humans, it’s important that we protect these natural environments to help prevent animal extinction.

To find out more about a few endangered species and their habitats, try playing The Great Habitat Match-Up game.

To play this game, you will need sound equipment (speakers) and Shockwave 7. Not sure if you have Shockwave 7 or need more information? Click here.

(650KB 4 minutes @ 28.8Kbps)