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Dr. Anne Brailsford, British Columbia

Anne has been an educator for more than 30 years. She has taught in England and Canada in classrooms that range from the primary grades through to high school and university levels. Anne worked in the Edmonton Public Schools as teacher and reading specialist for 27 years. She designed and implemented a balanced literacy program for elementary schools and has been involved in teacher in-servicing, providing demonstration lessons for classroom teachers, and writing two literacy programming manuals. Anne has also co-authored Balanced Literacy in Action for Scholastic Canada. Anne is currently working as a Language Arts Consultant on Vancouver Island.

Tony Stead, Australia
Tony is an Australian educator who has taught in elementary schools and lectured at the University of Melbourne. He is the author of many publications, including Is That a Fact?: Teaching Nonfiction Writing, Reality Checks and Bridges to Independence. As a consultant, Tony is in high demand as an international presenter.

Writing Team

Moving Up with Literacy Place has an expert team of Canadian educators behind it. Using their wide range of knowledge, and classroom experience, these language arts specialists have written teacher materials specifically for Canadian teachers and students. Click on each name for bios and pictures.

Joan Barrett, Ontario
Elva Jones, Alberta
Esther Bergman, Ontario
Michael Kennedy, Ontario
Brenda Boylan, British Columbia
Trudy Loftsgard, Saskatchewan
Dianna Mezzarobba, British Columbia
Dr. Jan Coles, British Columbia
Marlene McKay, Manitoba
Karen David, Manitoba
Caroline Pennelli, British Columbia
Daren Patterson, Alberta
Cindy Gordon, British Columbia
Deon Perry, Newfoundland & Labrador
Dr. Cindy Hatt, New Brunswick
Lori Robinson, British Columbia
Colleen Hayward, Ontario
Jan Wells, British Columbia
Leisa Holmes-Albert, Prince Edward Island
Mary Winton, Alberta
Sue Jackson, Ontario