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Make Your Own Nerf Launchers

By Kris Hirschmann   

Scholastic Inc. | ISBN 9781338663235 Kit
32 Pages | 6.402" x 8.726" | Ages 8 to 12

Have a blast with this kit that includes everything you need to create and use catapults, slingshots, and other NERF approved launchers!

Everybody loves NERF blasters, and with good reason! What else gives you the ability to send zippy-but-harmless foam darts flying across the room? Nothing, that's what. It's NERF or nothin'!In this book, you'll learn how projectiles-like those supercool blasters-actually work. You'll even be able to invent your own! This guidebook will help you learn to make and use object-flinging beasts like catapults, slingshots, and crossbows, along with a bunch of other launchers. You're going to blast NERF darts, foam balls, and maybe even a marshmallow or two. Sound awesome? It is. Get ready to have a real BLAST!This kit includes:• Make Your Own NERF Launchers Guidebook• Punch-out catapult• Punch-out slingshot• Air-powered dart launcher• 3 NERF foam darts• 1 foam balls• 5 rubber bands