Pokémon #6:
Charizard, Go!
Adapted by Tracey West
Designed by Joan Moloney
ISBN 0-439-15421-9

Charizard! Fire spin, now!

It is the biggest Pokémon competition of Ash's life. And he doesn't want to lose. Fire fights Fire but can Ash trust Charizard to battle for him?

Ash raised Charizard from a stray Charmander — but Charizard is stubborn and never listens to Ash. When the competition heats up, will Charizard come through for Ash?

Pokémon #7:
Splashdown in Cerulean City
Adapted by Tracey West
Designed by Joan Moloney
ISBN 0-439-15426-X


When Cerulean City Gym is in danger, Misty dives into action. Her Water Pokémon are ready to wipe out the competition.

Can she defeat Jessie, win the splashdown battle — and the respect of her own sisters? Get set for another wet and wild Pokémon adventure.

Pokémon #8:
Return of the Squirtle Squad
Adapted by Tracey West
Designed by Kay Petronio
ISBN 0-439-15429-4

You Snooze, You Lose!

When a strange sleeping spell is cast on an island of turtle Pokémon, it's up to Ash's Squirtle to save the day. Easier said than done.

Before it became Ash's friend, this Squirtle led a mischievous band of pranksters. Now it may need more than its Water Gun Attack to help a new squad. Sound the alarm! It's a Squirtle emergency!

Pokémon #9:
Journey to the Orange Islands
Adapted by Tracey West
Designed by Joan Moloney
ISBN 0-439-16942-9

All Aboard!

It's good-bye to an old friend, and hello to a new one in the biggest adventure of Ash's life!

When Professor Oak sends Ash on a mission to the Orange Islands, surprises await the young Pokémon trainer at every turn.

One member of Ash's team will say good-bye forever, maybe. A stranger will join the posse. But who is he really? And a gentle new Pokémon called Lapras is discovered — only it may perish without Ash's help.

The first of three exciting new adventures on the Orange Islands!

Pokémon #10:
Secret of the Pink Pokémon
Adapted by Tracey West
Designed by Kay Petronio
ISBN 0-439-16943-7

Pokémon Peril!

The Orange Islands are weird! Ash and the gang discover Pokemon they've never seen before. Onix is made of crystal. Rhyhorn has turned pink. Marill has super sonar. And Snorlax is on a feeding frenzy!

There is only one thing Ash can count on. Team Rocket is setting their usual traps to swipe rare Pokemon — and Pikachu of course. Can Ash stop them before Pikachu becomes Pink-achu?

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