Pokémon #11:
The Four-Star Challenge
Adapted by Howard Dewin
ISBN 0-439-16944-5

The Ultimate Test

The Orange Islands have a Pokémon League of tehir own. But these gym matches are beyond different. Mountain climbing? Dancing Pokémon? And sometimes Ash can't even use his Pokémon! What's up with that?

Can Ash stand the challenge? With help from his friends and a little luck, Ash just might have a chance.

Pokémon #12:
Scyther, Heart of a Champion
Adapted by Sheila Sweeny
ISBN 0-439-16945-3

Buzz Off!

When Tracey catches Scyther, the brave Bug Pokémon's warrior pride is wounded. It can't regain its honor without a fight. Whom will it battle? Scyther chooses...Charizard!

Which hot-headed Pokémon will triumph? It's the ultimate face-off, for the Pokémon and their trainers.

Pokémon #13:
Race to Danger
Adapted by Tracey West
ISBN 0-439-20089-X

Up, Up, and Away!

The Pokémon hot air balloon race is on. And the prize is a rare Dratinin. Windy could have won — but Team Rocket took the wind out of their sails! Can Ash and his Pokémon help Windy blow off the competition? Between hail storms, Beedril swarms, Koffing's Smoke Screen, and Arbok's balloon-tearing fangs, the odds are against them.

It's going to take a lot of Poké power to win this race — but Ash won't let Team Rocket burst anyone's bubble.

Pokémon #14:
Talent Showdown
Adapted by Tracey West
ISBN 0-439-20090-3

Up, Up, and Away!

The stage is set for an explosive Pokémon Talent Show. There's a juggling Exeggutor, a singing Charmander — even a dancing Farfetch'd. Ash wants to beat Gary, but he doesn't have an act. And that's not all he has to worry about. Team Rocket's grand finale has the audience glued to their seats, and all the Pokemon under their! It's curtains for the Pokémon — unless Ash can steal the show.

A brand-new, never-before-seen Pokémon story based on the characters from the popular TV show.

Pokémon #15:
Psyduck Ducks Out
Adapted by Jennifer Johnson
ISBN 0-439-20091-1


When Psyduck evolves into Golduck, Misty is thrilled! Golduck is the fastest swimmer of all. Besides, training Psyduck was one big headache. Psyduck was totally clueless and clumsy, except when it got a headache. Then its attacks were unstoppable — especially against Team Rocket!

But is Goldluck about to give Misty a big surprise? Get the inside scoop on Misty and Psyduck from their first hypnotic encounter to their biggest battles ever.

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