Pioneer Christmas Crafts
Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN 0-590-51514-4
32 pages
Ages 8-12

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Pioneer Christmas Crafts
by Heather Patterson & Joanna Rice
Photography by Wally Randall
Illustrations by Susan Gardos

Make Christmas gifts and decorations inspired by pioneer times! With simple materials and a little spare time, you can make beautiful and useful gifts for family and friends. Step-by-step colour photographs and illustrations show you how to create fifteen crafts you will be proud to give or display.

About the Authors-
Heather Patterson is the author of Thanks for Thanksgiving and co-author (with her daughter, Joanna Rice) of Pioneer Christmas Crafts. She is a former teacher and still likes teaching kids about our rich Canadian heritage. Heather has loved stories and pictures from the time her mother first read to her. Since then, she has chosen various careers teacher, mother, author and children's book editor that allow her to indulge her love of picture books.

Joanna Rice studied history and art history at university and volunteered at Colborne Lodge in Toronto's High Park, helping to show kids what life was like in pioneer times.

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From Pioneer Christmas Crafts, copyright 1999 by Heather Patterson and Joanna Rice.