Chicken and Cat
Scholastic Inc.
ISBN 0-439-63406-7 HC
40 Pages
Ages 4-8
10" x 8"

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Chicken and Cat
by Sara Varon

Cat comes to the big city to stay with best friend, Chicken. The city is exciting (and there's so much to do!) but after a while Cat pines for the country with its trees and bright colours. Chicken takes Cat on fun adventures but Cat remains blue. How can Chicken make the city a brighter and happier place for Cat to live in? When Cat gets the idea to plant a garden in an empty lot, the city blooms, and so does Chicken and Cat's friendship.

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by Sara Varon

From Chicken and Cat. Copyright © 2006 by Sara Varon.

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"I like your book!"
Emily V., Ontario, Rating: 10

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