Canadian Hauntings
Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN 978-0-545-93875-4 PBK
136 pages
Ages 8 to 12
5 7/8Ē x 9Ē

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Canadian Hauntings
by Michael Norman and Beth Scott

Houses of evil, child ghosts, poltergeists... it's all here in Canadian Hauntings, an amazing collection of unexplainable encounters from across Canada. And they're all true!

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by Michael Norman and Beth Scott

When the troubles began, Catherine Longpre was alone with her young son in her house by the river. Her husband, Georges Cloutier, was away working at a logging camp.

The horses wouldn't settle down when she tried to bring them in one evening. They shied away from her, jumping and bucking at her every approach. Exhausted, frustrated, and not a little mystified by her usually docile animals' tumultuous behaviour, Catherine paddled a small boat across the river to get help from her neighbour, Eva Duciaume.

The women finally succeeded in getting the horses corralled and went inside the Cloutiers' simple, rural home. Catherine sat down and lit a cigarette. As she snuffed out the match, her gaze shifted to the downstairs bedroom, which she could see through an open door. Her eyes widened. Stacked upon the bed was a pile of firewood normally kept by the stove. It was neatly placed, as if someone had mistaken the old bed with its feather mattress for the wood bin. Except no one other than Catherine and her young child, and now Eva, had been in the house all day. The wood hadn't been there an hour before.

Catherine told Eva that was it ó she was truly frightened now and wasn't about to stay by herself in the house any longer.

From Canadian Hauntings. Text copyright © 1994, 1995, 2004 by Michael Norman and the estate of Elizabeth Scott.

Your Reviews

"It was a good book. Scary in some parts but really good. It tells you a lot of information about scary stuff. You have got to read it!"
James M., Age 12, Alberta, Rating: 7

"I think itís an awesome book. We have to do a historic fair and Iím doing mine on true canadian hauntings. Itís very useful for my project!"
Samatha F., Age 11, Ontario, Rating: 9

"This book was so scary, I wouldn't go upstairs by myself, so I read it again!"
Samantha Q., Age 10, Rating: 10

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