Bond #1 Out From Boneville

NEW! Whack-a-Rat

The Rat Creatures are blocking the Bone cousins' path in the woods. Fend them off with your sling-shot, just don't hit your allies!


Maze Masters
Help the Bone cousins need to collect as many power dots as they can! Navigate the maze for them while thwarting those nasty Rat Creatures.
Smiley Bone's Balloon Bust
POP! Throw darts at balloons as quickly as possible, or else all the leaves will fall.

Eggs of the Storm
Phoney and Smiley need eggs, and they need to collect them fast. Use your smarts to determine when the basket should be emptied.
The Great Cow Race
Are you ready to race? Get a friend or play alone, and try to beat that feisty Gran’ma Ben.

Rat Creature Shoot Out
Gather your snowballs! The Rat Creatures are hunting mammals to fill their quiches, and the only way to fight ‘em off is to pelt them with icy weapons.
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