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Wolf Rider

Wolf Rider

by Sharon Stewart

ISBN 9780439936460 Paperback
352 Pages | 4.25" x 6.75" | Ages 9 to 12

Tok's story continues in winter, three years after the close of Raven Quest. Tok, now an adult with a son, is mourning his murdered mate. Haunted by visions of a prophetic white raven, Tok also worries about a mysterious Overlord who is threatening to overturn raven society. With the hope of finding a safe haven, he and his son embark on a journey with their wolf pack, led by Selaks. Guided by the wisdom of the white raven he searches for the Wanderers, or caribou, who will lead both wolves and ravens to safety. Along the way, they are shadowed by the spies of the Overlord. Their ultimate capture will reveal his identity and lead to Tok's most intense battle yet! Through these animals, thi sequel builds on the very human themes of honour, respect, fairmindedness, and independence; and exposes the dangers of the destruction of natural habitat.

Rights Sold

  • Danish - Arvids
  • French - Boréal

Selling Points

  • Sharon Stewart is a top-tier writer whose reputation has yet to catch up with her writing skills.
  • One of those wonderful instances where the second book is just as strong as the original.
  • This sequel was spurred by strong international rights sales to Raven Quest, from both U.S. and European publishers.


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