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The Body in the Basement

The Body in the Basement

by Norah McClintock

ISBN 9780590249836 Paperback
208 Pages | 4.23" x 6.75"

When a body is found buried beneath the cafe Tasha's parents used to own, the police start looking for a murderer...and their search leads them right to Tasha's father. Tasha's sure he didn't do it. but if he didn't, then who did? Tasha has to find out who the real killer is, but everywhere she turns she uncovers someone else with a secret to hide?

"Norah McClintock has written a good mystery novel, and her use of a teenage girl as the heroine is a particularly good touch. Recommended." (CM Magazine)

Rights Sold

  • French - Éditions Hurtubise
  • Norwegian - Stabenfeldt
  • Spanish - SM
  • Swedish - Wahlstroms
  • Turkish - Bulut


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