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Puppy Pals

Puppy Pals

by Susan Hughes, illustrated by Leanne Franson

ISBN 9781443170253 Paperback
384 Pages | Ages 7 to 10
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It all started with Bailey's Visit. Just because they can’t have dogs of their own, doesn’t mean that Kat and Maya don’t dream about puppies. When Kat’s aunt opens a dog-grooming salon, they meet Bailey, a chocolate Labrador retriever — and it’s love at first sight. Now they just have to convince Aunt Jenn to let them help out.

In Riley Knows Best, Kat meets the new girl, Grace, who seems really mean. Could Kat be wrong about her? Maybe Riley the golden retriever can help her figure it out!

In Murphy Helps Out, Murphy the Shetland sheepdog helps Kat, Maya and Grace find the home of a lost coker spaniel named Tawny.

In Bijou Needs a Home, someone leaves a box of three bichon frise puppies outside Tails Up. Aunt Jenn asks Kat, Maya and Grace to look after them and find them new homes.

Originally published as four separate chapter books, this deluxe edition, complete with adorable illustrations, will please puppy lovers everywhere.

Rights Sold

  • Czech - Albatros
  • English (Australia) - Scholastic Australia
  • English (NZ) - Scholastic New Zealand
  • English (UK) - Scholastic UK
  • English (US) - Sourcebooks
  • English (US book clubs) - Scholastic Inc.
  • French (N. Amer.) - Éditions Scholastic

Selling Points

  • An adorable puppy on the cover
  • Chunky, 384-page package
  • Four fun puppies stories, complete with black & white illustrations of cute puppies
  • Character education will appeal to parents and teachers


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Leanne Franson

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