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Like A Duck

Like A Duck

by Deborah Kerbel

ISBN 9781443175760 Paperback
240 Pages | Ages 8 to 12
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A lighthearted, tender story of a girl and her steadfast duck.

“I spend a lot of time thinking about what Grandad said that day Webster first went missing. How if you spend too much time dwelling on the things you’ve lost, you might not notice what you’ve got in its place. And how sometimes those things can be just as wonderful. But in a different way.”

Sarah is turning twelve. For the last ten years, ever since her dad mysteriously left, Sarah and her mom have always celebrated together for an entire birthday week. But when Sarah finds out that this year her mother has to work, and that she’s signed Sarah up at the last minute for a week of culinary school instead, things go from bad to worse.

At least the camp has agreed to let Sarah bring her duck, Webster. Sarah knows that with Webster by her side she can handle whatever comes her way. But then Webster goes missing just as Sarah’s search for her absent father comes up empty as well. Will she have to say yet another painful goodbye?

In a story about love, friendship, searching for identity and the hardship of loss, Sarah finds joy and strength in unexpected friendships and learns that when we focus so much on chasing answers, we can forget to notice what we already have.

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  • All rights available

Selling Points

  • An authentic and age-appropriate portrayal of a young person dealing with difficult issues: abandonment and identity linked to an absent parent, and anxiety.
  • Lighthearted, careful treatment of personal support animals.
  • Distinct, endearing characters; authentic voice.


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