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Les timbrés : N<sup>°</sup> 1 - Le navet spatial

Les timbrés : N° 1 - Le navet spatial

by Dom Pelletier

ISBN 9781443173544 Paperback
136 Pages | Ages 7 to 10
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On her first day of school, Tia meets Léo, an outspoken and rambunctious student. They both join the stamp collecting club and become fast friends. At the first meeting, they notice the school's janitor acting strange. They decide to secretly follow him. Tia and Léo discover he is actually under the control of a green, mustachioed monster from outer space who plans to take over the school and the world. Tia and Léo will have to tap all of their intelligence and bravery to thwart the alien's plan and send the creature back to his home planet before it devours the entire student body!

This new comic book series is written and illustrated by Dom Pelletier, creator of Les fables réinventées and illustrator of the successful 100 blagues! series. Readers are sure to be delighted by his colourful comics, humour and boundless imagination.

Rights Sold

  • French (N. Amer) - Éditions Scholastic

Selling Points

  • Full-colour graphic illustrations.
  • Action packed and funny!
  • First of a five-book series.
  • Perfect for emerging, independent readers.


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