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Haley and Bix #3: Late for School

Haley and Bix #3: Late for School

by Scott Higgs

ISBN 9780545999045 Paperback
32 Pages | 5.99" x 9"
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Haley and Bix are back, with a fresh new book in the series. Fun and easy-toread text coupled with colourful illustrations create an irresistible story about two charming girls. Best friends Haley and Bix are in the same class at school. Every day, punctual Bix arrives on time at school and every day, not-so-punctual Haley arrives late. When the teacher tells Haley she must be on time to class, or she will have go to the offi ce, Bix offers her help. For four days Bix manages to get her friend to class on time, though she herself is late as a result. On Friday, when both girls end up at the offi ce, the principal assigns a wise assignment to teach them both a lesson.

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  • Arabic - Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin
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