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FIERCE: Women Who Shaped Canada

FIERCE: Women Who Shaped Canada

by Lisa Dalrymple, illustrated by Willow Dawson

ISBN 9781443175104 POB
128 Pages | Ages 9 to 12
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Incredible untold stories of fierce women who made their mark on the world.

Women too often appear only in the sidelines of recorded history. Fierce shines the light on strong, trailblazing women who accomplished feats that most people would never dream of. Through wilderness, wars and unfathomable hardships   the courage of these overlooked women has much to teach us. Their actions speak to girls who may be struggling with challenges of their own, and their bravery is as an inspiration to all.

Learn about these women who were fired by courage and a rebellious spirit their whole lives:

  • Marguerite de la Roque (1520-1570) from France, survived for years after she was abandoned on an island off the coast of the New World. She was also likely the first and lone European in the New World for such a continuous stretch of time.
  • Alice Freeman (1857-1936) was a schoolteacher by day but by night was Faith Fenton - Investigative Reporter. She exposed jails, orphanages and workhouses with deplorable conditions generating sympathy among the public and sparking change for the better.
  • Dr. Victoria Cheung (1897-1966) was a medical missionary in South China during the violence of the civil war, the Japanese invasion and WWII.
  • Mona Parsons (1901-1976) helped 50 Allied airmen flee the Nazis before she was sent to a prison camp, escaped, and walked four weeks back to Holland.
  • Joan Bamford Fletcher (1918-1979) evacuated 2000 Dutch women and children from a prison camp on Sumatra at the end of WWII. A civilian volunteer, she commanded recently defeated Japanese troops, running over 20 convoys past Indonesian insurgents.

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Selling Points

  • Books about women who defied stereotypes are increasingly popular.
  • Compelling writing is backed by meticulous research.
  • A fresh approach to presenting the stories of women in history.


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