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Even if it Kills Me

Even if it Kills Me

by Dorothy Joan Harris

ISBN 9780590523660 Paperback
192 Pages

Melanie feels she has to be perfect for people to like her. She puts herself on a strict diet, another way ? along with good grades, volunteer work, and never showing her anger ? to be perfect. But the diet takes over her life, and soon Melanie has lost her friends and her ability to concentrate. She finds herself in the hospital, diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. Any kid can identify with Melanie's desire to be popular and loved. Even If It Kills Me sees Melanie onto the long road to recovery from a disorder that plagues thousands of teenage girls.

?Recommended reading for anyone interested in learning more about anorexia nervosa??
The Evening Patriot.


?The low-key but effective prose of Even If It Kills Me pulls the reader into the world of the anorexic in a sympathetic yet clear-eyed way
Scene Magazine

Rights Sold

  • Danish Audio - Saga (Egmont)
  • Indonesian - Gramedia
  • Portuguese - Melhoramentos
  • Spanish - Norma


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