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Double Cross

Double Cross

by Norah McClintock

ISBN 9780439956345 Paperback
240 Pages | 4.2" x 6.75" | Ages 13 to 17

In this chilling sequel to Over the Edge, guts and determination help Chloe and her friend Jonah prove that his imprisoned father wasn't the one who murdered his mother. Chloe's first meeting with Jonah turns into an insult-slinging match, but after she gets to know why he has such a chip on his shoulder, she's obsessed with finding out who really did kill Jonah's mother. She digs for information by asking people: "Where were you the day Mary Shackleton was murdered?" in order to eke out clues that ultimately help her finger the real murderer.


  • Commended, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Our Choice, 2001

Rights Sold

  • Dutch - Clavis
  • English (US) - Kane Miller
  • German - Loewe
  • Indonesian - Kaifa
  • Norwegian - Stabenfeldt
  • Portuguese - Melhoramentos
  • Serbian - Kreativni Centar
  • Swedish – B. Wahlstroms


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