Scholastic Canada: Rights


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The Almost Epic Squad: Irresistible by Richard Scrimger, illustrated by Britt Wilson
The Almost Epic Squad: Mucus Mayhem by Kevin Sylvester, illustrated by Britt Wilson
The Almost Epic Squad: Super Sketchy by Lesley Livingston
The Almost Epic Squad: What Blows Up by Ted Staunton, illustrated by Britt Wilson
As Ever, Booky


Beneath the Crown: The Last Duchess
Beneath the Crown: The Nine Days Queen
Beneath the Crown: The Princess in the Tower
The Best Worst Christmas Present Ever
Body in the Basement, The by Norah McClintock
Bounced by Ted Staunton


Change of Heart
Countdown to Danger: Canadian Sabotage by Jeff Szpirglas
Countdown to Danger: Canadian Survival
Crossing to Freedom
Curse of the Dream Witch


Dancing Through the Snow
Dead and Gone by Norah McClintock
Dead Silence
Dear Canada: A Christmas to Remember
Dear Canada: A Desperate Road to Freedom
Dear Canada: A Prairie as Wide as the Sea
Dear Canada: A Rebel's Daughter
Dear Canada: A Ribbon of Shining Steel
Dear Canada: A Sea of Sorrows
Dear Canada: A Season for Miracles
Dear Canada: A Time for Giving: Ten Tales of Christmas
Dear Canada: A Trail Of Broken Dreams
Dear Canada: All Fall Down
Dear Canada: Alone in an Untamed Land
Dear Canada: An Ocean Apart
Dear Canada: Banished from Our Home
Dear Canada: Blood Upon Our Land
Dear Canada: Brothers Far From Home
Dear Canada: Days of Toil and Tears
Dear Canada: Exiles from the War
Dear Canada: Flame and Ashes
Dear Canada: Footsteps In the Snow
Dear Canada: Hoping for Home
Dear Canada: If I Die Before I Wake
Dear Canada: No Safe Harbour
Dear Canada: Not a Nickel to Spare
Dear Canada: Orphan at My Door
Dear Canada: Pieces of the Past
Dear Canada: Prisoners in the Promised Land
Dear Canada: That Fatal Night
Dear Canada: The Death of My Country
Dear Canada: These Are My Words
Dear Canada: To Stand on My Own
Dear Canada: Torn Apart
Dear Canada: Turned Away
Dear Canada: Where the River Takes Me
Dear Canada: Whispers of War by Kit Pearson
Dear Canada: Winter of Peril
Dear Canada: With Nothing But Our Courage
Don't Tell the Enemy by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch
Double Cross
Dragon Assassin by Arthur Slade


Even If It Kills Me by Dorothy Joan Harris


Finding Cooper by Stacey Matson
A Forest of Gold
Foul Play
From Anna
The Funny Faceoff


Game Time: Double Shift
Game Time: Making the Cut
Game Time: Off the Crossbar
Game Time: Overtime
Game Time: Rebel Power Play
Ghosts of the Titanic
Grave Robber's Apprentice, The by Allan Stratton


Hand in Hand
Hat Trick
Haunted: Field of Screams by Joel A. Sutherland
Haunted: Kill Screen by Joel A Sutherland
Haunted: Night of the Living Dolls
Haunted: The House Next Door by Joel A Sutherland
Hockey Luck
Hockey Rules!
Hockey Super Six: On Thin Ice by Kevin Sylvester
Hockey Super Six: The Puck Drops Here
How to Be a Friend
How to Be Brave by Nancy Wilcox Richards
How to Fix a Lie
How to Get Awesome
How to Handle a Bully
How To Outplay A Bully
How to Tame a Bully


I Am Canada: A Call to Battle
I Am Canada: Behind Enemy Lines
I Am Canada: Blood and Iron
I Am Canada: Brothers in Arms: The Siege of Louisbourg by Don Aker
I Am Canada: Deadly Voyage
I Am Canada: Defend or Die
I Am Canada: Fire in the Sky
I Am Canada: Graves of Ice
I Am Canada: Prisoner of Dieppe by Hugh Brewster
I Am Canada: Shot at Dawn
I Am Canada: Sink and Destroy
I Am Canada: Sniper Fire
I Am Canada: Storm the Fortress
Icarus Down
Ice Time
In Too Deep




Keeping Secrets


Last Chance by Norah McClintock
Last Shot
Les timbrés : N° 1 - Le navet spatial by Dom Pelletier
Like A Duck by Deborah Kerbel
Line Change
Listen for the Singing


Making Bombs for Hitler
The Margaret Trilogy
Mike and Riel Mystery, A: Hit and Run by Norah McClintock
Mission Mumbai
Mistaken Identity
My Best Friend and Other Illusions by Suri Rosen
My Deal with the Universe by Deborah Kerbel


Notes from the Life of a Total Genius by Stacey Matson
Nothing to Lose
Nowhere to Turn by Norah McClintock


Out of the Cold
Over the Edge by Norah McClintock


Password: Murder
Power Play
Princesses Don't Wear Jeans
The Puppy Collection #1: Bailey's Visit
The Puppy Collection #2: Riley Knows Best
The Puppy Collection #3: Murphy Helps Out
The Puppy Collection #4: Bijou Needs a Home
The Puppy Collection #5: Piper's First Show
The Puppy Collection #6: Cricket's Close Call
The Puppy Collection #7: Houdini's Escape
The Puppy Collection #8: Nutmeg All Alone by Susan Hughes, illustrated by Leanne Franson
Puppy Pals by Susan Hughes, illustrated by Leanne Franson


Question of Loyalty, A by Barbara Greenwood


The Rink Rats
Rocket Blues


Scared to Death by Norah McClintock
Scenes from the Epic Life of a Total Genius
Seeing and Believing
Shadow of Doubt
Sight Unseen
Sins of the Father by Norah McClintock
Something to Prove
Still at War
Stolen Child
Summer's End by Joel A Sutherland
Survival: Avalanche!
Survival: Hurricane!
Survival: Ice Storm!
Survival: Shipwreck!


That Scatterbrain Booky
The Lunch Club: It Came from the Basement by Dom Pelletier
The Third Degree by Norah McClintock
This House is Haunted
Tiger by the Tail
Tiger in Trouble
Tiger Town
Tiger Trap
The Time Time Stopped
Trapped in Hitler's Web by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch
Truth and Lies
Tryout Trouble


Underground Soldier
Up the Creek by Natalie Hyde


Waiting to Dive
Waiting Under Water by Riel Nason
The Wicked Slapshot
Wild Paws: Bobcat Rescue
Wild Paws: Bunnies in Trouble
Wild Paws: Cubs All Alone
Wild Paws: Lonley Wolf Pup
Wild Paws: Orphaned Beluga
With Love From Booky
Words That Start With B


A Year in the Life of a Total and Complete Genius
You Can Run by Norah McClintock


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