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Saskatchewan updates


Flip Point of View is now recommended by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education!

The following units from Scholastic's Pan-Canadian Science Place have been approved and are provincially listed:

  • Life Systems—It's Alive, Animals Grow, Watch It Grow!, Healthy Habitats, and Body Works
  • Matter and Materials—What's It Like?, Matter, Matter Everywhere, Invisible Power, and What's the Matter?
  • Structures and Mechanisms—Design Team, Move It!, Build It Up, Lighten Your Load, and Force Factor
  • Earth and Space Systems—Earth Watch, Air and Water, Down Under, Rockhound, and Weatherwise

Saskatchewan provincial curriculum correlations are available for the following Scholastic resources:
Issues 21:
PDFSocial Studies

Literacy Place for the Early Years:
PDF Kindergarten
PDF Kindergarten Extension Packs
PDF Grade 1
PDF Grade 1 New Components
PDF Grade 2
PDF Grade 3
Moving Up with Literacy Place:
PDF Grade 4
PDF Grade 5
PDF Grade 6
Stepping Up with Literacy Place:
PDF Grade 7 (6 units)
PDF Grade 7 (4 units)
PDF Grade 8 (6 units)
PDF Grade 8 (4 units)
PDF Grade 9 (4 units)

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