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British Columbia & Northern Canada Updates


Scholastic Education is supporting B.C. teachers with the implementation of the redesigned curriculum. Check out these grade specific papers, released in January 2017, about how our resources can help:


PDFGrade 1

PDFGrade 2

PDFGrade 3

British Columbia provincial curriculum correlations are available for the following Scholastic resources:


Issues 21:
PDFSocial Studies

Literacy Place for the Early Years:
PDF Kindergarten
PDF Kindergarten New Components
PDF Grade 1
PDF Grade 1 New Components
PDF Grade 2
PDF Grade 3

Moving Up with Literacy Place
PDF Grade 4
PDF Grade 5
PDF Grade 6

Stepping Up with Literacy Place
PDF Grade 7

Flip Perspectives:

PDF Social Studies
PDF Flip Point of View (BC)
PDF Flip Point of View (WNCP)


PDF Grade 4

The Ten:

PDF Grade 8
PDF Grade 9

PDF British Columbia K–8

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