Scholastic Canada | Conspiracy 365: JANUARY

Conspiracy 365 | Callum Ormand has been warned. He has 365 days.


by Gabrielle Lord
192 pages | Ages 10 to 14 | 5 1/16” X 7 13/16”
ISBN 978-1-4431-0229-2 PBK

Callum Ormond is still mourning the mysterious death of his father, and now he is on the run. From what, he still doesn’t know.

Ever since he was warned by a sickly stranger, danger follows him everywhere. Armed with only a few clues about a family secret, Callum must dodge the criminal masterminds who are after him.

The clock is ticking and Callum can’t trust anyone...

Read an Excerpt (PDF)
Excerpt from January (Conspiracy 365). Text copyright © Gabrielle Lord, 2009.
First published by Scholastic Australia.

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