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Hands-On Holiday! Book Notes

  • National Geographic Kids™: Brain Games

    A book that sharpens young minds!

    National Geographic Kids™: Brain Games

    by Jennifer Swanson
    112 pages
    Format: Photographic Non-Fiction
    Grade: 4-6
    RL: 5.0       GRL: V
    Retail Paperback Price: $15.99
    Reading Club Paperback Price: $11.99
    Item Number: 2

    • In this fascinating, interactive book, kids will explore the parts of the brain and how it all works, brainy news nuggets from a neuroscientist, plus fun facts and crazy challenges.
    • Not only does this book offer great discussion starter with all its interesting facts, but exercising the mind with clever challenges is an excellent way to strengthen and develop the brain.
  • National Geographic Kids™: Little Kids First Big Book of How

    NEW! Inspire children to explore the world around them!

    National Geographic Kids™: Little Kids First Big Book of How

    by Jill Esbaum
    128 pages
    Format: Photographic Non-Fiction
    Grade: 3-6
    GRL: P
    Hardcover Price: $17.99
    Item Number: 28

    • This charming reference book takes a closer look at the things that surround kids every day and how they work—from cars to vacuum cleaners, animal bodies to humans. More than 100 colourful photos are paired with age-appropriate text featuring answers to questions like "How do chameleons change colour?" "How do refrigerators stay cold?" and "How does my body heal?"
    • This non-fiction will encourage children to be curious and always ask questions, and will expose them to non-fiction!

  • So Much Snow!

    A NEW winter tale from a favourite author!

    So Much Snow! Canadian

    by Robert Munsch Illus. by Michael Martchenko
    32 pages
    Format: Picture Book
    Grade: 1-3
    Retail Paperback Price: $7.99
    Paperback Price: $5.99
    Item Number: 81

    • Is it a school day? Is it pizza day? Is it a snow day? Jasmine wants it all! There's a big blizzard blowing in, but that's not going to stop Jasmine from going to school—it's just a little snow, and it's pizza day, after all! But as soon as she sets out the snow starts to come down faster and faster until she finds herself frozen stiff, with just her hat poking out of a snowdrift.
    • Rescue comes in the form of the school custodian, who stomps out on snowshoes, yanks her out, pulls her inside, and figures out how to get her thawed. But on the way to her class they notice that the school is empty—the principal has declared a snow day! Which is always great news . . . but how is Jasmine going to get her pizza?
    • A fun tale about school adventures! Read this to your class on a cold, snowy day!
    • Robert Munsch is back with his latest book all students will love! Colourful pages and amusing characters makes this a book young learners will want to read over and over again.

Honeybee Book Notes

  • The Itsy Bitsy Reindeer

    NEW! Teach children how special they are!

    The Itsy Bitsy Reindeer

    by Jeffrey Burton illus. by Sanja Rescek
    14 pages
    Format: Board Book
    Grade: PreK-K
    Retail Board Book Price: $7.99
    Reading Club Board Book Price: $5.99
    Item Number: 8

    • The itsy bitsy reindeer worked up in Santa’s shop, helping the elves to do their Christmas job. Building the toys and singing songs of joy, as they wrapped all of the presents for every girl and boy. The itsy bitsy reindeer spreads holiday cheer as he helps Santa’s Workshop get ready for Christmas.
    • Sparks discussion on what makes each one of us special and the importance of believing in yourself!
    • Little ones will love this holiday spin on the classic nursery rhyme The Itsy Bitsy Spider!

  • Llama Llama Jingle Bells

    Learn about spreading love this holiday season!

    Llama Llama Jingle Bells

    by Anna Dewdney
    8 pages
    Format: Board Book
    Grade: PreK-K
    Retail Board Book Price: $6.99
    Reading Club Board Book Price: $5.99
    Item Number: 43

    • Little Llama and his friends give gifts, sing songs, and decorate cookies. It’s a very merry holiday indeed!
    • Sparks discussions about the act of giving and what the holiday season is really about!
    • Llama Llama is a lovable favourite character, and board books are perfect for little hands!

  • Over the River & Through the Wood

    NEW! A great lesson in the importance of family!

    Over the River & Through the Wood

    By Linda Ashman illus. by Kim Smith
    40 pages
    Format: Picture Book
    Grade: PreK-1
    Retail Hardcover Price: $16.95
    Paperback Exclusive Price: $4.99
    Item Number: 51

    • The classic song gets a fresh new twist! The fun begins when Grandma and Grandpa send invitations to their far-flung, modern, and multiracial family: Come to our house for the holidays—and bring your favourite pie! Off everyone goes, driving down snowy roads, riding the train, boarding a plane...even sailing along in a hot-air balloon. As each family faces an obstacle that delays their trip, they learn that sometimes the most old-fashioned form of transportation works best...NEIGH!
    • A fun read-aloud for your class, this tale is a great lesson on appreciating the small things in life.

  • The 12 Trucks of Christmas

    Count along with this best seller!

    The 12 Trucks of Christmas Canadian

    By Chrissy Bozik illus. by Joe Bucco
    32 pages
    Format: Picture Book
    Grade: PreK-K
    Reading Club Exclusive Price: $4.99
    Item Number: 53

    • An adorable Christmas singing and counting book! Students can rhyme, sing, and count along as these trucks pile up for Christmas!
    • A perfect story to get students in the holiday spirit and an encourage reluctant readers who struggle with counting!

Virtues Book Notes

  • The Kids Book of World Religions

    A great resource in religions from around the world!

    The Kids Book of World Religions

    by Jennifer Glossop illus. by John Mantha
    64 pages
    Format: Illustrated Non-Fiction/Reference
    Grade: 3-6
    GRL: W
    Paperback Price: $14.95
    Item Number: 6

    • Learn about the histories, scriptures, places of worship, religious leaders, and major festivals that are the foundations of the world’s religions.
    • This reference does not only teach students about religion, but is also a great discussion starter about different cultures and ways of life from around the world!
    • This Canadian reference is full of pictures, with engaging text and facts!

  • If You Give a Mouse a Brownie

    NEW! The bestselling series is back!

    If You Give a Mouse a Brownie

    by Laura Numeroff illus. by Felicia Bond
    32 pages
    Format: Picture Book
    Grade: PreK-1
    Retail Hardcover Price: $21.99
    Hardcover Price: $19.99
    Item Number: 34

    • If you give a mouse a brownie, get ready for a rock concert and a picnic, too!
    • A great lesson in sharing and making friends!
    • With its spare rhythmic text and circular tale, this book is perfect for beginning readers and story time!

  • What is Peace?

    NEW! Introduces children to what peace means!

    What is Peace?

    by Wallace Edwards
    32 pages
    Format: Picture Book
    Grade: K-2
    Retail Hardcover Price: $19.99
    Hardcover Price: $14.99
    Item Number: 35

    • A book to be read and shared again and again, What is Peace is a delightfully open-ended and thought-provoking invitation to consider how to make and sustain peace in our lives!
    • The idea of peace is examined from every angle in this book. A great discussion stater on what peace means to children, and how to create peace in our daily lives.
    • Canadian author and illustrator, Wallace Edwards is an award-winning artist!

  • Good Good Father

    NEW! Learn just how much the king loves children!

    Good Good Father

    by Chris Tomlin and Pat Barrett illus. by Lorna Hussey
    32 pages
    Format: Picture Book
    Grade: K-2
    Hardcover Price: $20.99
    Item Number: 74

    • Good Good Father tells the story of a little bear named Tucker whose life and townspeople are forever changed when they learn just how great the King's love is for them. When Tucker’s friends need help, he goes to see the King who lives in a castle where the door is always open.
    • Tucker wants to take the perfect gift to the King in hopes he will be convinced to help. Along the way, Tucker encounters a variety of humorous animals filled with advice who leave him confused about what the King is like. He doubts whether the King would be willing to help. Just as Tucker is ready to give up, he meets the King who runs to him with open arms offering love, acceptance, and help.
    • Sparks discussions about not judging others and unlikely friendships!

Teens Book Notes

  • Keep Me in Mind

    NEW! A powerful journey of self-discovery!

    Keep Me in Mind

    by Jaime Reed
    336 pages
    Format: Novel
    Grade: 6-7
    GRL: Z+
    Retail Hardcover Price: $22.99
    Paperback Exclusive Price: $6.99
    Item Number: 6

    • Ellia Dawson doesn't recognize the handsome boy who sits in tears by her hospital bed. But he's telling her that he's Liam McPherson, her boyfriend. Boyfriend? Ellia's in shock. She has no clue who Liam is, let alone whether or not she once loved him. She remembers her family, her friends, and the fact that she wants to be a fashion designer. But Liam is a big blank in her life.
    • Meanwhile, Liam is devastated that Ellia, the love of his life, who suffered an accident while they were running together on the beach, has lost her memory. He is desperate to win her back, rebuild what they once had, but Ellia keeps him at an arm's length. She's much more comfortable with a new boy she meets at the hospital, who understands more what she's going through. So Liam begins writing the story of the two of them, piecing together the past in the hopes of having a future with the girl he loves.
    • Sparks discussions on how to deal with tragedies in a tale of re-birth.

  • The Last Cherry Blossom

    NEW! Based on a true story!

    The Last Cherry Blossom

    by Kathleen Burkinshaw
    240 pages
    Format: Novel
    Grade: 6-8
    Retail Hardcover Price: $25.99
    Paperback Exclusive Price: $5.99
    Item Number: 39

    • Yuriko was happy growing up in Hiroshima when it was just her and Papa. But her aunt Kimiko and her cousin Genji are living with them now, and the family is only getting bigger with talk of a double marriage! And while things are changing at home, the world beyond their doors is even more unpredictable. World War II is coming to an end, and since the Japanese newspapers don’t report lost battles, the Japanese people are not entirely certain of where Japan stands. Yuriko is used to the sirens and the air-raid drills, but things start to feel more real when the neighbours who have left to fight stop coming home. When the bombs hit Hiroshima, it’s through Yuriko’s twelve-year-old eyes that we witness the devastation and horror.
    • This is a story that offers young readers insight into how children lived during the war, while also introducing them to Japanese culture.
    • The Last Cherry Blossom hopes to warn readers of the immense damage nuclear war can bring, while reminding them that the “enemy in any war is often not so different from ourselves.

  • I Am Canada: Sniper Fire

    NEW! A historical adventure!

    I Am Canada: Sniper Fire Canadian
    The Fight for Ortona

    by Jonathan Webb
    240 pages
    Format: Chapter Book
    Grade: 6-7
    Retail Hardcover Price: $14.99
    Hardcover Price: $13.99
    Item Number: 54

    • Seventeen-year-old Paul Baldassara lies about his age to enlist in the Canadian Army. He joins the Loyal Edmonton regiment, which is tasked with taking Italy's port town of Ortona. Little does he know the horrors of the battle that lie ahead.
    • Paul soon finds himself in the midst of the fierce fighting that earned Ortona the name The Italian Stalingrad, because of the massive casualties and deaths. He and his fellow Canadian soldiers resort to tactics such as mouse-holing—in which soldiers create access by blasting or tunneling through walls! Will Paul prevail and help the Canadians save Ortona, no matter what the risk?
    • A soldier's account of the battle of Ortona, Italy!
    • The I Am Canada series takes a look at the past through the eyes of young men who lived it!

    HS Some mature content and language.

  • What Light

    NEW! A beautiful story about forgiveness!

    What Light

    by Jay Asher
    572 pages
    Format: Novel
    Grade: 6-8
    Retail Hardcover Price: $24.99
    Hardcover Price: $22.99
    Item Number: 78

    • Sierra's family runs a Christmas tree farm in Oregon—it's a bucolic setting for a girl to grow up in, except that every year, they pack up and move to California to set up their Christmas tree lot for the season. So Sierra lives two lives: her life in Oregon and her life at Christmas. And leaving one always means missing the other.
    • Until this particular Christmas, when Sierra meets Caleb, and one life eclipses the other.By reputation, Caleb is not your perfect guy: years ago, he made an enormous mistake and has been paying for it ever since. But Sierra sees beyond Caleb's past and becomes determined to help him find forgiveness and, maybe, redemption. As disapproval, misconceptions, and suspicions swirl around them, Caleb and Sierra discover the one thing that transcends all else: true love.
    • Sparks discussions about the Christmas holiday and seeing people and challenges from a new perspective!
    • A feel-good read just in time for the holiday season!

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