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Scholastic Reading Club

Our Community, Our Country, Our World & Amazing Science & Math

Throughout the school year, you’ll find an amazing selection of Special Offers that celebrate the seasons and focus on specific subjects and skills. Loaded with beloved classics, hot new titles, the latest interactive learning technology, and great gift ideas, these offers are sure to delight!

Our Community, Our Country, Our World was created to reflect the world as it is and showcases the growing diversity in Canadian classrooms today. This offer contains books that represent every student, and also includes award-winning titles, beloved classics and new favourites!

Amazing Science & Math is all about getting students excited about learning! This is easier than ever with the fun and engaging titles packed into this offer. Students can explore their worlds and lessons will come to life with brain-building books and activities that are sure to engage every child’s curiosity and captivate their minds with science facts and fundamental math skills!

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Your Friends at Scholastic Reading Club

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