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Parent Frequently Asked Questions

Parents' Guide to Scholastic Book Clubs
What is a Scholastic Book Club?
How Does a Scholastic Book Club Work?
How Can I Get Involved in Scholastic Book Clubs?
How does Scholastic choose which products to offer in the Book Clubs?

Running a Book Club
I am homeschooling my children/I am a daycare teacher. Can I run a Scholastic Book Club?
How do I contact customer service?

Placing Book Club Orders
If I am not a teacher, can I order directly from a Book Club?

Scholastic's 100% Guarantee
What is Scholastic's 100% Guarantee?
How can I return merchandise?

Book Clubs are Greener than Ever!


Q: What is a Scholastic Book Club?
A: Simply put, a Scholastic Book Club is the easiest, most reliable way to get your child excited about reading! There is a Book Club for every grade level from preschool through high school. Each club is exclusively school-based, and is run by a classroom teacher. Each month in the Scholastic Book Club student flyer, your child will find a terrific selection of new and noteworthy fiction, classics, award-winning titles, perennial favourites, reference books, and more.

Book Clubs offer a convenient way to purchase the best books at huge discounts. Prices are as low as $1.99. Plus, if you're ever dissatisfied with an item, you can return it for a full refund.

Also, by participating in Scholastic Book Clubs, your child's teacher can earn FREE teaching materials. Every order you or your child places helps earn Bonus Coupons that your child's teacher can use to choose FREE classroom resources from the Book Clubs Reward Catalogue, Classroom Essentials Catalogue or to choose FREE books for the classroom from each month's Book Club.

Scholastic Canada is your partner in helping your child fall in love with books and become a great reader. That's why we're here. Happy Reading!

Q: How Does a Scholastic Book Club Work?
  1. Teachers distribute monthly flyers to their students.
  2. Students take the flyers home to select books, interactive learning tools, or other items with their parents.
  3. Students return order forms and payments to their teachers. You can write one cheque to Scholastic Canada Ltd., no matter how many of our Book Clubs you choose to order from.
  4. Teachers place the classroom order with Scholastic Canada.
  5. Within 3 weeks, the box of books arrives in the classroom. The day that the books arrive is an exciting one for students and teachers!
Q: How Can I Get Involved in Scholastic Book Clubs?
A: Scholastic Book Clubs are licensed to run exclusively through the school. Some parents get involved by helping their child's teacher run the Book Club each month.

Q: How does Scholastic choose which products to offer in the Book Clubs?
A: Our team of editors pores through literally thousands of books published for children every year and selects high quality, grade-level appropriate titles for each Book Club.


Q: I am homeschooling my children/I am a daycare teacher. Can I run a Scholastic Book Club?
A: Yes! We will require a signed letter of verification from your School Board or registered Home School Association stating that you are homeschooling your children, or a copy of your daycare license. School market restrictions apply to many of the books we offer, which means we cannot accept orders from home addresses except from a legal home school or daycare (which qualify as school markets).

Please remember to include the number of children, and their ages, and kindly forward your letter to:

D. Byer
Scholastic Canada Ltd.
175 Hillmount Road
Markham, Ontario
L6C 1Z7
Q:How do I contact customer service?
A:You can call us:
Monday-Friday 7:30 am to 8:00 pm EST (English and French)
Saturday 9:00 am to 1:30 pm EST
English Number: 1-800-268-3860
French Number: 1-800-625-8583


Q: If I am not a teacher, can I order directly from a Book Club?
A: Scholastic Book Clubs provide quality books to individual students and also support the reading environment of the classroom. They are only available through classroom, daycare and homeschool teachers.


Q: What is Scholastic's 100% Guarantee?
A: If you are not completely satisfied with any Book Club item, simply return it for credit or refund.

Q: How can I return merchandise?
A: Follow these instructions for returning merchandise:

Send the product and a copy of your packing slip, or a note of explanation, to:
Scholastic Canada Ltd.
Attn: Returns Department
1220 Nicholson Road
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 9C4

In your note, kindly include the teacher's name, account number (if known), school name and address, and whether you wish to exchange the item, or receive a credit or a refund.

Any item may be returned. However, we do encourage you to let us know why an item has not met with your expectations so we can be more responsive to your needs. Returns generally take 4-6 weeks to process.

Please Note: All electronics are CSA approved and come with a manufacturer's warranty. The Scholastic 100% guarantee applies for one month after receipt of the item after which time the manufacturer's warranty applies. To return an electronic item please contact Customer Service at 1-800-268-3860 to obtain a return authorization form, or you may download it here (44 Kb ). You must also call Customer Service to get an authorization number for the return.