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Clifford's Halloween: Vintage Hardcover Edition
Clifford the Small Red Puppy: Vintage Edition
Clifford's Good Deeds: Vintage Edition
Clifford the Big Red Dog: Vintage Edition
Clifford's School Story Box Set
Clifford Cares
The Clifford Collection
Clifford Loves His Friends
Clifford Shares
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Clifford the Champion
Clifford Visits the Zoo
Clifford's Animal Sounds
Clifford’s Bathtime
Clifford's Bedtime
Clifford's Bedtime Story
Clifford’s Bedtime Story Box
Clifford'S BIG Dictionary
Clifford's Big Red Easter
Clifford's Christmas Presents
Clifford’s Doodle Pad
Clifford's First Christmas
Clifford’s First Easter
Clifford's First Halloween
Clifford's First Valentine's Day
Clifford's Noisy Day
Clifford's Opposites
Clifford’s Peekaboo
Clifford's Phonics Fun Box Set #1