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Urgum and the Seat of Flames Read an excerpt

Urgum and the Seat of Flames

By Kjartan Poskitt   Illustrated by Philip Reeve   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9780545993234 Paperback
304 Pages | 5.07" x 6.93" | Ages 9 to 12

Urgum, Molly, Mungoid, Divina, Grizelda, the Gods and the Seven Savage sons are all back with — gorilla-budgie creatures, flying hippos, a barbarian in a wedding dress, the Wandering Jungle and the Flaming Pants of Shumbitt! The gods are worried! Is Urgum, the fiercest barbarian the Lost Desert has ever known, going soft? Does he need a real fight to keep his edge? Maybe it's time to create Orgo the Gorgo to give him some competition! The laugh-aloud sequel to Urgum the Axeman.