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Too Many Toys

Too Many Toys

By David Shannon   

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9780439490290 Hardcover
32 Pages | 8.92" x 11.28" | Ages 4 to 8

Spencer has too many toys. He has robots, puzzles, board games, stuffed animals, and plastic action figures. Toys spill out of every drawer and closet and clutter the floor of every room. Have you ever tried to get to your kitchen and tripped over a race car? Spencer's house has become hazardous. Something has to be done!

Come along as Spencer tries to persuade his mother to keep them allbecause every single toy is his favourite. In the end, it's not a store-bought toy but the give-away box itself that captures Spencer's attention. Once again, award-winner David Shannon proves that an entertaining story and your own imagination are the very best toys of all!