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The Drowning

By Rachel Ward   

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9780545627719 Hardcover
272 Pages | 5.81" x 8.58" | Ages 14 & Up

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9780545627726 Ebook
272 Pages | Ages 14 & Up

A dark psychological drama from the author of the internationally bestselling Numbers series.

With a jolt, Carl opens his eyes. He's on the bank of a lake, shivering in the cold. His dead brother is being zipped up in a body bag. And a girl, drenched and trembling, is talking to the police. Who is she? What happened in the water? And why can't he remember any of it? Carl has got to find out - before the truth rushes back to engulf him.

By the author of the internationally bestselling Numbers series, The Drowning is a dark psychological drama about love and brothers, crimes and consequences, redemption and revenge.

Raves & reviews:

Praise for the Numbers series:

* "Gritty, bold, and utterly unique. Jem's isolation and pain, hidden beneath a veneer of toughness, are palpable, and the ending is a real shocker." -School Library Journal, starred review

* "It's a gritty tale, unsparingly told . . . [and] despite its supernatural premise, Jem's story shines a stark and honest light on the lives of teens on the fringe." -Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Even the idea of this book gave me chills . . . Creepy and original!" -R.L. Stine

"A page-turner . . . engrossing and au courant. One thing is certain: Ward's Numbers is ace." -The Los Angeles Times

"Ward has penned a suspenseful tale with a protagonist that teens can relate to." -School Library Journal