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My Story: To Kill a Queen

My Story: To Kill a Queen: An Elizabethan Girl's Diary 1583-1586

By Valerie Wilding   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443102438 Paperback
192 Pages | 5.07" x 7.82" | Ages 9 to 12

In this companion book to My Story: Bloody Tower, the protagonist of that book, Tilly, is now grown up with a daughter of her own, named Kitty. It is the 1580s and the monarchy is no more stable than it was during the short reign of Lady Jane Grey! In these uncertain times, Queen Elizabeth's enemies are plotting to kill her and place Mary Queen of Scots on the throne. Kitty's father is working on special projects for the Queen and her brother is mixing with suspicious characters. Kitty's first-person account chronicles the rising tension surrounding her, as Mary's supporters edge closer, and her own rising fear that punishment will be swift and they'll all be thrown into the Tower. Don't miss this thrilling look at life in London during a turbulent time in royal history.