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Magic Steps

Magic Steps: The Circle Opens Book 1

By Tamora Pierce   

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9780590396059 Paperback
272 Pages | 4.17" x 6.76" | Ages 12 & Up

The first book in an extraordinary new fantasy quartet by acclaimed fantasy author Tamora Pierce.

Lady Sandrilene fa Toren knows all about unusual magic — she herself spins and weaves it like thread. But when she witnesses a boy dancing a spell, even she is confounded. To her dismay she gets news of a mysterious murderer stalking a clan of local merchants. The killer employs the strangest magic of all: the ability to reduce essence to nothingness. As the murders mount and the killer grows bolder, Sandry's teaching takes on a grave purpose. It becomes clear to everyone that the killings can only be stopped by the combined magic of two people: the young teacher and her even younger student.

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