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I Love My Glam-Ma!

By Samantha Berger   Illustrated by Sujean Rim   

Scholastic Inc. | ISBN 9781338151831 Hardcover
40 Pages | 8.777" x 10.276" | Ages 3 to 5

Scholastic Inc. | ISBN 9781338566369 Ebook
40 Pages | Ages 3 to 5

A celebration of EVERY grandma's glamorous ways — and the special love that glam-mas share with everything they do!

"Glam-mas don't just come over... they make a grand entrance! Glam-mas don't just celebrate holidays... they celebrate everything! Glam-mas don't just carry a purse... they carry a treasure chest!"

A joyful celebration of grandmothers who are young at heart, adventurous, and find a bit of glamour in everything they do. Whether these glam-mas are building sandcastles, riding with dolphins, or turning blankets into reading forts and super capes, they live each day with a playful spirit — just like their grandchildren.

From the writer of Crankenstein and the illustrator of Birdie's Big-Girl Shoes comes a playful and heartwarming ode to grandmas and grandchildren everywhere... because there's nothing more glamorous than being a grandma.

Raves & reviews:

Praise for Monster's New Undies, written by Samantha Berger:"If only every underwear shopping trip ended in such satisfaction." — Kirkus Reviews

"[Berger's] uproarious rhymes, sprinkled with ballooned asides and emphatic capital letters, demand to be read aloud... Sheer monstrous fun." —Booklist

Praise for Crankenstein, written by Samantha Berger:"Berger... has a well-honed sense of comic timing that little kids find hilarious, and Crankenstein, with its many exclamation marks, growls and grumbles should unleash the actor in any adult kind enough to read it aloud." — New York Times

"Whoa. Be prepared for the intense frustrations, the moody outbursts and the green scowls of Crankenstein... Each setting reveals sly comic elements that both kids and their grown-ups will appreciate. Readers will laugh out loud... Get ready to read this aloud a lot. " — Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Zoogie Boogie Fever!, written and illustrated by Sujean Rim:"Rim's exuberant, mixed-media illustrations combine splashy watercolors, cut and torn paper, and photo collage, all in appropriately robust and colorful hues...will have little readers doing free-form boogies of their own." — Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Birdie's Big-Girl Shoes, written and illustrated by Sujean Rim:"The drawings retain a trendy fashion feel through an emphasis on spare lines and heavy patterns, but the playfulness of the details... heightens the appeal for those yearning for more sophistication than what's offered by Jane O'Connor's Fancy Nancy. [Birdie's] conclusion... seems a fine, age-appropriate response, an antidote to any undue expectations that childhood be rushed through. How refreshing." — Booklist

"The bold, stylized watercolor and collage illustrations, paired with spare, simple text, are set against ample white space and burst with bright, attractive textile patterns." — School Library Journal