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Destory All Cars

Destory All Cars

By Blake Nelson   

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9780545104753 Paperback
224 Pages | 5.3" x 8.06" | Ages 15 & Up

A "smart and entertaining"* anti-love story from YA master Blake Nelson

James Hoff likes to rant against America's consumerist culture-the malls, the SUVs, the focus on clothes. He also likes to rant against his ex-girlfriend, Sadie, who he doesn't feel is doing enough to change the world -a bike path can't save the environment. But just like he can't avoid buying things, he also can't avoid Sadie for long. This anti-consumerist love story is all about idealism, in James's relationship with the world around him and his relationships with the people around him.

This is a fantastic, funny, sexy, cool masterpiece from one of the best YA writers working today.

Raves & reviews:

Praise for Destroy All Cars

"James' consideration of 'the lameness of people in general'-which he fairly applies also to himself-gives a nuanced look at why it's hard to change anything in the world but also why it's a noble cause worth striving for." - Los Angeles Times

"This sweet, satisfying read will appeal to fans of Nelson's previous books, and teens who want to change the world- even if the only world they change is their own." - Voice of Youth Advocates

"An elegant and bittersweet story of a teenager who is finding his voice and trying to make meaning in a world he often finds hopeless." - Publishers Weekly

*The New York Times