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Book One: Moon (The Dragon Prince #1)

By Aaron Ehasz   and Melanie McGanney Ehasz   

Scholastic Inc. | ISBN 9781338603569 Paperback
288 Pages | Ages 10 & Up

Scholastic Inc. | ISBN 9781338633450 Ebook
288 Pages | Ages 10 & Up

With their world on the brink of war, three young heroes from opposite sides of the conflict embark on a dangerous quest that could change everything. This beautiful book expands on the events of Season 1 of the hit Netflix show The Dragon Prince.

Moonshadow elvin assassin Rayla has bound herself to a mission: kill the human king Harrow and the young prince Ezran. But before she can complete her task, Rayla witnesses Ezran and his brother, Callum, make an astonishing discovery: The dragon egg the world thought was destroyed is in fact intact.This is their chance — if Rayla, Callum, and Ezran can return the egg of the Dragon Prince to its mother in the magical land of Xadia, peace could be restored.Their journey will be dangerous. The trio must fight off menacing beasts and the evil mage Viren, who wants to use the egg for dark magic. But Rayla, Callum, and Ezran soon learn that the most serious threat to their quest can't be fought with magic or physical strength. If there's hope for restoring peace, they'll first have to overcome the long-standing hatred between humans and elves. Show creator Aaron Ehasz expands on the events of Season 1 of the show in this epic novel. A must for all fans of The Dragon Prince!

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"The Dragon Prince offers viewers a rich and suggestive world that's teeming with possibilities about what might be happening beyond the frame." — The Verge

"The Dragon Prince Is a Fantasy Knockout." — Phoenix New Times