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"...(a) strikingly insightful epistolary novel...The Authors' distinctive voices give the collabouration a rare spontaneity and realism"
-- Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"...a spirited and readable book with none of the anemia or tendentiousness that weighs down some writing for young people."
-- The New York Times Book Review


A Novel in Letters
by Paula Danziger & Ann M. Martin

Elizabeth and Tara*Starr are totally different. Tara* Starr wears glitter and sequins, loves to be the centre of attention, and is the only child of young parents who are taking a long time to grow up. Elizabeth is shy and quiet, hates being the centre of attention, and lives in a house in which possessions are more important than feelings. So of course they're best friends.

Now that Tara*Starr has moved away, the girls continue their friendship through letters. Than life changes for both of them. While Tara*Starr's family settles down, Elizabeth's falls apart. Their letters chronicle these events, and the realization that they can depend on each other and on themselves.

Paula Danziger and Ann M. Martin combine their peerless talents to tell this rich and complex story.

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