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Programs: Summer Reading Book Fair

Stop the summer slide!

As with any other activity requiring skill – like sports or music – reading needs to be practiced. But summertime is often when kids take a break from books. And statistics show that reading less, or none at all, during the summer months can result in significant learning setbacks. Learn more on our summer reading page.

Here's how Scholastic can help!

Stop the Summer Slide with a BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE* Summer Reading Scholastic Book Fair.

NEW this year! Earn up to 20% in rewards that can be used to purchase valuable books and resources for your classroom or school library! Contact us to speak to a Consultant today!

Download the following to learn more!

Get everyone excited that the Scholastic Summer Reading Fair is coming! Download the parent letter template! Or get the BW template. Promote the event on social media! Download the files here.

*All FREE items must be of equal or lesser value. Title selection may vary depending on fair type. All Book Fair items are available while supplies last.

Let them choose the books they want to read. Encourage students to pick four or more books so they have plenty of options to read over the summer.

Download our recommended reading list!

Check out the Brand-New Summer Reading Activity Guide and plan fun activities before, during and after your Book Fair to keep students motivated to read all summer.

And get these reproducibles:

Choice Matters
"Children who read four or more self-selected books over the summer fare better during the next school year"1

1Anne McGill-Franzen and Richard Alligton, “Summer Reading, Closing the Rich/Poor Reading Achievement Gap.” (2007)

What’s a BOGO Book Fair?

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