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The more kids hear about books, the more they'll want to read. Find out how the brand new format of the Book Talk in a Box program can create excitement for your Book Fair and connect kids to books they'll want to read.

Envelope & Bookmarks

The Booktalk [In-a-Box] package is included in the Planning Kit which will arrive about 4-6 weeks before the Fair. The early arrival of this package allows you more time to check out the featured Book Reviews, and start Book Talking. NEW! Now included in the envelope are 2 multifolds consisting of 8 double-sided detachable Book Talk Bookmarks, tips on how to give a successful Book Talk, a message from educator Donalyn Miller and a fun scavenger hunt!



The package includes Book Reviews of some of the hottest titles on the Fair! Share them with volunteers and the Student Crew so they can give book talks in classrooms, during library time, or on morning announcements.

Check out the reviews for all our Featured Books!


Take a peek at the Tips, Scripts and More page. We've created activities, scripts, and PA announcements to showcase some of our favourite titles. Use these to get your kids excited about the coming Fair! Or encourage them to make their own Book Talk using the handy Book Talk Starter Cards!


Chairpeople can request a sample of the books featured in the Booktalk in a Box program by contacting their Book Fair consultant. You can showcase the books and reviews in a display case or use them as props in your skits. Just be sure to include the books in your Fair when it starts so the excited students can buy them!

Additional Educator Bookmarks

Educator Bookmark 1

Educator Bookmark 2

Educator Bookmark 3

Principal Invite

Principal Letter Full

Principal Invite half-note

Principal Letter Half-page

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